Program Registration

Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 30 day(s)
Commission type Percent of Sale
Base commission 15.00%
Additional terms We'll pay you 15% commission for every sale that you bring in, via Paypal or another payment method. Payments will be initiated within 7 days of each sale, and there's no limit to how many commissions you can receive! For example, if you get 10 friends to each spend $100 on, we'll pay you 15% X $1000 = $150 cash.

Terms & Policies of the DubsLabs Referral Program:

When and how will you be paid:

During the first week of each month, we will total your
commissions for the previous month and issue payments to you accordingly. We
will use the PayPal platform to issue payment, so you must have a PayPal
account to participate.

Trademarks and Offer Placement:

You may share photos
from our website and links to our website or social media accounts, but you may
not utilize our logo without permission. You may not produce social media pages
or websites with any of our trademarked media content. You may not include your
affiliate link to websites offering coupon codes or any monetary deals on our

For more information
regarding this topic, please email [email protected]

Who may use the affiliate link and what you’ll
be commissioned for:

You may share the affiliate link with friends, family, strangers, businesses, and colleagues…even
your dog! You will receive commission from anyone who uses your link to purchase our product. You may not use
your own affiliate link to make purchases and collect commission from those
purchases, under penalty of being permanently removed from our program.
commission will not be affected if the buyer needs to return or replace their

Products/Product Categories excluded from our program:


Negative Commentary and/or Offensive Content:

Affiliates are not allowed to post negative reviews, comments, articles, videos or photos
regarding DubsLabs Headphones. You may not post any links, reviews, comments,
articles, videos or photos regarding DubsLabs Headphones to adult themed